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Pandemic Planning: Postponements (Show Notes: Season 1, Episode 3)

This is the summary of the final episode of the Pandemic Planning Mini-Season where I discuss the Steps to Postponing! With all of the challenges that have come forth in 2020, for some - moving forward with an event as-planned is not desirable, or in some cases - not an option. There has been a movement among industry professionals to encourage event hosts to postpone their events - not cancel them - in an effort to salvage the event industry from the damages caused by COVID-19 restrictions.

This final episode installment in the Pandemic Planning Mini-Season focuses on the steps to take when you are considering postponing your event. Specifically, I discuss:

  • Considering the restrictions in your area that may have an effect on your event.

  • Gauging your personal feelings and comfortability with moving forward with your event depending on governmental guidelines.

  • Working with your venue to identify alternative dates

  • Working with your vendors to determine what alternative date may be able to work for them.

  • Lock in postponement with updated contracts/agreements and any additional deposits that may be required.

  • Alerting your guests of any changes made.

For more information about postponing a wedding, take a look at this article from The Knot that covers this topic in detail. For bigger-picture event related postponement information, visit the CDC help center by clicking here for frequently asked questions about event planning and preparedness in these unpredictable times.

You are the only person who can decide whether postponing your event is the best choice. Closely examine the restrictions in your area and fully understand what your event will look like if you were to move forward with everything “as-planned”. In some places this means no standing/mingling at a cocktail reception, no dance floors, and mask requirements. If this is not something you are willing to be flexible with for your event, then considering postponement may be your best option. Once you have decided whether postponement is a good fit for you, follow the steps above to make sure you don’t miss any important details as you re-plan your event.

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Season 2, Episode 1 will debut on July 23rd, 2020! This season will focus on Event Basics and each week I will review a new foundational event topic to help you get started with your planning process.

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